Tuesday, 15 October 2013

County Chess : Wolverhampton Chess Club members

Sat 05 Oct 2013

County Match – Greater Manchester vs Staffordshire

Dave Wightman took part in Staffordshire’s first county match of the season away at Greater Manchester.  The teams were very evenly matched and so a close contest was in prospect.  Dave got the better of the opening, as black, and left white with an isolated pawn in the centre.  However, he was unable to capitalise on the position and could never bring sufficient pieces to bear on this structural weakness.  Over time, white was able to stabilise and eventually dominate the centre and, with the time control approaching, he broke through to win the exchange, albeit at the cost of the lone pawn.

Dave held on, blockading the centre with his bishop pair and preventing white’s rooks from getting into the position.  As white manoeuvred for the win, his clock ticked down to a dangerous position, at which point the draw was agreed.  This was one of eight draws.  There were wins for David Anderton, John Staniforth and David Pritchard but, with a total of five losses, the match was lost 9 – 7.  Well done to Greater Manchester for some fine games played, and to the caterers for a fine spread including a wide selection of cakes.

By Dave Wightman

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