Sunday, 17 November 2013

BDCL Div 2 14/11/2013: Wolverhampton v Sutton Coldfield

BDCL Div 2 Wolverhampton vs Sutton Coldfield

Mike Townsend (187)                 1 – 0     Marek Soszynski (162)
Dave Wightman (165)                 1 – 0     Glenn Windows (146)
Phil Bull (154)                            1 – 0      Arthur Kent (132)
Jonathan Hunt (151)                   1 – 0      Keith Lawson (131)
Peter Pearson-Jones (140)         0.5 – 0.5 Chris East (129)
Peter Griffith (Ung)                     1 – 0     Default
                                                  5.5 – 0.5

Wolverhampton, looking for a return to form following back-to-back indifferent performances, were buoyed by receiving a head start in the form of a default on Board 6.  With the additional advantage of nearly 20 grading points per board, the team soon moved ahead.  Dave Wightman and Jonathan Hunt won early pawns, with Jonathan developing a strong attack.  Phil Bull sacrificed a bishop for two pawns in order to break through to the black king.  In the end a 5 -2 pawn majority on the kingside proved to be unstoppable.  Mike Townsend won a rook for a bishop and Dave Wightman went a further pawn ahead, winning shortly afterwards.  Jonathan Hunt broke through to win and Peter Pearson-Jones agreed a draw in a gridlocked position, leaving Mike Townsend to close out the match for a 5.5 – 0.5 win.  Thanks are due to Sutton Coldfield for some interesting matches and good luck for the rest of the season.

By Dave Wightman

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