Friday 28 March 2014

BDCL Dív 2 individual Final : Dave Gardiner v Dave Wightman

BDCL Div 2  Individual Final – Dave Wightman (165) vs David Gardiner (155)

Dave Wightman met David Gardiner in the final of the Birmingham League Division 2 Individual competition at South Birmingham.  Winning the toss, Dave Wightman chose the white pieces, but was unable to gain any advantage out of the opening.  A tactical game led to few openings, but black slowly gained a space advantage by virtue of incremental pawn advances.  When the break came, with the opening of the d and then h files, black was able to make a well timed queenside castle to get the king to safety, while white was left with a king trapped in a rapidly opening centre.  Black sacrificed a knight to pull the white king forwards and into a mating net from which there was no escape.  So, congratulations to David Gardiner for a well executed game, well played.

By Dave Wightman

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