Friday 14 March 2014

Club Championship Final: Dave Wightman vs Phil Bull

Club Championship Final: 

Dave Wightman vs Phil Bull

The seedings worked out and the two strongest contenders met in the Final of the 2014 Club Championship.  Dave Wightman won the toss and chose the white pieces, developing an early king side attack against the castled black king.  Although no material advantage came of it, white gained a protected, passed pawn on f6 which posed a perpetual threat for the rest of the game.  With the king side now blockaded, attention turned to the queen side, as both sides probed for an advantage.  The game was played at a healthy pace, so the clocks were never going to play a part in deciding the result.

In the end, after much manoeuvring from both sides, the major pieces were traded and there was no way for either side to break through with the material left on the board and a draw was agreed.  The re-match is scheduled for Thursday 20th March.

By  Dave Wightman

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