Friday 21 March 2014

Wolverhampton Chess Club Championship final (the rematch) 20/03/2014

20/03/2014 Club Championship Final Replay: Phil Bull vs Dave Wightman

We have a winner and new Club Champion.  Phil Bull met Dave Wightman in the replay of the Club Championship Final.  Playing white, Phil Bull gained an early space advantage, as a result of an advanced f pawn.  Dave Wightman, normally accurate in defence of a cramped position as black, unadvisedly tried to open up the board in front of the castled white king, playing an unsound g5, which removed a vital defence from the crucial f6 square and stranded the f pawn on f7.  This was to prove to be the key feature of the game, as white eventually trebled his major pieces on the half open f file, placing overwhelming pressure on the weakness in the black pawn structure.  Unable to castle to safety, the black position disintegrated quickly and it was all over well before the first time control was due.  Congratulations are due to the newly crowned Club Champion: Phil Bull.  Well played.

By Dave Wightman

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