Friday, 7 March 2014

Stalemate and Astounding Probabilities


I recently played John Fenby of Brewood in the Robert Ward Plate competition.

The first game was drawn, and since neither of us knew that we should then have played a RP game as a decider, the intention being to finish all ties on the night, we agreed a date for a replay.

This was also drawn, so then we played blitz games at 15 min, 10 mins and 5 mins, the first two were wins for me on the board but I couldn’t mate in the time so accepted draws. In the third he announced to my horror that my flag had dropped, but I noticed his had dropped too so that was agreed drawn. Then we tossed a coin and he won!!

5 draws in a row in a KO! Is that a record?

Courtesy of Geoff Rosser

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